Why Consign


Thinking about having a garage sale? Consigning is so much more convenient! Garage sales take so much time and hard work, gathering, pricing, manning the sale all day, possibly two. Advertising costs, as well as putting up and taking down signs. Not to mention having to negotiate with customers who want to pay pennies on the dollar for your items!

More money!

Even though consignment stores charge a percentage to sell your items, you will make more money going this route. Most people who look on-line or go to garage sales are looking for a “steal”. Customers who shop consignment stores are looking for bargains but they know they will be paying a fair price for items. Serious buyers come into consignment stores meaning more money in your pocket. Plus consignment store owners know how to price your items, let them do the work for you!

Save time!

No need to sit at home and wait for someone to show up only to look at your item and decide not to buy. Bring in your items to consign and get on with your day. Not only will this save you time and aggravation but it is safer as well. You won’t have to worry about strangers coming to your home scoping out your property. Why invite strangers into your home if you don’t have to?


Most consignment stores have websites and they may even feature your items. They have different ways of advertising and the potential of many people seeing your items there. This could make your items sell much faster. Also, many different customers come through their doors bringing the opportunity of a sale for you to it’s max!


The thrill of the find! You never know what a consignment store may have. Consignment stores carry a variety of different items. Maybe the person came in looking for books but then saw your item and just couldn’t live without it? Why not give consigning a try today!?