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Carly the Coonhound!

Finders Keepers and What’s Behind the Name?

Finders Keepers and what’s behind the name? Anyone who knows my mom and I know that we are big animal lovers, especially dogs. (Hince the dog logo.) Mom has two dogs, one is a black and white English Springer Spaniel and the other is a black and tan Dachshund. However, this little story is about my pooch, Carly.

Carly is a Treeing Walker Coonhound who is currently in her “terrible two’s”. She is more than a handful at times but she is my baby girl and I wouldn’t trade her for the world, although I have thought about it a couple times! I purchased Carly as a puppy when she was just six weeks old and put a doggie door in for her to come and go to and from the back yard as she pleased. Anything Carly decided she wanted, if she could reach it, she would take it straight out her doggie door. If I tried calling her she would just get out her door even quicker! I truely believe if she could talk, her words to me would have been, “Finders Keepers”!

One of the things that sticks out in particular is the day she stold the cow figurine. Yes, you read that right, a cow figurine!

I was getting ready to head to Erie one morning (not thinking) I made a small pile on the floor of things I needed to take with me to the shop. As I am getting ready, I see Carly out of the corner of my eye grab a cow figuring and start heading for the doggie door. I yell to her to stop, and being the stubborn hound she is, she turns around and looks at me with it in her mouth and runs out the door! Again, another “Finders Keepers” moment. I start to go after her but there’s about a foot of snow out there and I am not ready to go out and chase her for a $5 figurine. So, Carly strikes again!!

So, what’s behind the name? Carly is behind the name!


This is the incriminating evidence!

This is the incriminating evidence!


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